Sarah Perriam tests out farming toys at Southern Field Days

Rural Exchange 17/02/2018

Rural Exchange met up with farming machinery experts Kevin Dunlop and Steve Middleton from Husqvarna at the Southern Field Days at Waimumu.

Co-host Sarah Perriam plays around with a beautiful battery-powered chainsaw that Mr Dunlop describes as “safe” and “user-friendly”.

“It’s really nice - not just for ladies but for men to use as well,” Mr Dunlop says with a laugh.

The close of summer marks Husqvarna’s end of season promotions, so Mr Middleton suggests “everyone just to get in” to find the deals.

Wheel products, push mowers, trimmers and the like are just some of the products under the end-of-season promotions.

“There are some really good deals to be had,” Mr Middleton says.

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