How one PGP commercialised its genetically elite dairy herd

Rural Exchange 10/02/2018

Each week, Rural Exchange investigates the research & development made in added-value products due to co-investment with the Government.

Whai Hua Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme completed in late 2016 and involved three commercial partners.

Richard Wyeth, CEO of Miraka (of the Whai Hua partners) joined Rural Exchange to discuss just how the programme works.

The $4 million PGP achieved a genetically elite dairy herd with naturally higher levels of a particular protein.

Whai Hua found cows that carried high levels of the compound, which carried immune-enhancing properties for humans.

“The whole programme was about fast-tracking that to a commercial outcome,” Mr Wyeth said.

We wanted to find the cows with the highest levels of this compound.

“It was a reasonably big stretch from a science perspective,” he told RadioLIVE.

The Whai Hua PGI set out to develop dairy products with the protein to benefit the Asia & New Zealand markets.

The Miraka CEO touched on how their commercialisation has fared since close of the programme in 2016. 

Watch the full interview with Richard Wyeth above. 

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