Prices up, resurgence for deer industry

Rural Exchange 04/02/2018

Sales of deer sire stags have spiked this summer with some stud farms reporting average prices up to 50 percent above last year.

The buoyant prices are seen as a sign of confidence in the industry and the fact farmers are rebuilding their herds after a decline that began in 2005.

Dan Coup, chief executive of Deer Industry NZ joined Rural Exchange to explain why we're seeing a boom in the deer sector.

He says the industry has "turned a corner" in the last year.

The confidence levels amongst deer farmers are better than they have been for some time.

"The velvet side of the business has been pretty profitable for a number of years now.

"In venison, the last couple of seasons we've seen prices that have been pretty good for people, alongside some really hard one gains, and on-farm productivity for venison production," he said.

"People have a bit of money in their pocket and I think that's what comes through with those sire sales."

Listen to the full interview with Dan Coup above.

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