DairyNZ’s tips to help prevent biosecurity threats

Rural Exchange 03/02/2018

DairyNZ hosted an online webinar to educate farmers on how to protect their farm from biosecurity risks, such as M. bovis.

Dr Chris Morley, Director of Readiness & Response at DairyNZ, joins Rural Exchange to review how to prepare the farm against bio-security risks.

While he admits “there’s always a bit of risk” when moving animals, there are methods to help preventing M. bovis.  

Dr Morley suggests farmers ensure their boundaries are secure and to avoiding the mixing animals with neighbouring stock.

While NAIT theoretically provides MPI with information to help identify biosecurity threats, Dr Morley says the lack of user-friendliness has led many to ditch the tool.

Farmers will need to “up their game” with keeping records with NAIT to help track biosecurity threats, he explains. 

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