Geordie Hill Station's world class merino

Rural Exchange 25/02/2018

The Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) is a joint venture between government and industry, that invests in long-term innovation programmes to increase the market success of the primary industries.

Rural Exchange co-host Sarah Perriam visited Geordie Hill Station, centrally located in the South Island's high country.

Owned and operated by founders Matt and Jo McCaughan, Geordie Hill is a fully functioning 5,500 acre sheep and cattle station. The station has been in the family for four generations, since 1911.

The merino sheep at Geordie Hill produce the world’s most exclusive, amazing soft, superfine wool. Their meat is a really special type of lamb; sweet, fine grained and low fat, and is marketed under the brand Silere.

Sarah Perriam visited the homestead with chef John Menzie from Wanaka's Kika, and Wayne Cameron, the marketing manager for Alliance Premium, to talk about Silere Merino.

After lunch, Sarah Perriam spoke with Craig Adams from New Zealand Merino, and Matt McCaughan from Geordie Hills on the development he’s seen in the Merino industry.

Watch the full episode above.

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