Charity gives new life to old dogs

Rural Exchange 11/02/2018

There is no denying dogs are a farmer's best friend.

But when a farm dog starts to get old and past their working life, farmers often find they have little choice but to have them put down. And it comes with a huge sense of guilt.

Retired Working Dogs is a charity that re-homes retired farm dogs as loving family pets. The organisation has so far given a new life to more than 200 dogs.

To discuss what the charity does, spokesperson Natalie Smith joined Rural Exchange from the Wairarapa.

Ms Smith says the charity started in 2012.

"I was vet nursing then and an old dog came in to be put down.

"And I really couldn't let that happen. So he came home with me and really started the movement," she said.

"He was 12 and lived to be 17."

Ms Smith told Rural Exchange that old dogs often suit smaller farms.

"There are lots of people out there who have smaller blocks. And a young dog is not suitable for them because they don't have the work for it, so an older one that knows what he's doing - perfect!"

Watch the full interview with Natalie Smith above. 

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