New health review process to help deer farmers

Rural Exchange 11/02/2018

Neglecting the health of deer livestock going into mating and weaning can have costly flow-on effects.

But Deer Industry NZ has produced a specialised health review process.

Lorna Humm, health manager for Deer Industry NZ, joined Rural Exchange to discuss this new review.

She says now is the best time for deer farmers to start thinking about production.

"At the start of the year, we can look forward to all the interventions that we're going to need to do with our deer, and make sure we're doing everything we need but nothing we don't."

Lorna Humm also discussed what should be involved in the deer review process.

The end result of a deer health review is that farmers get a plan of action to manage their deer health.

"It's designed specifically for the best results for those individual farms," she told Rural Exchange.

Watch the full interview with Lorna Humm above. 

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