How to beat the world shearing champion

Rural Exchange 25/02/2018

Next weekend Rowland Smith will take on last year's world shearing champion John Kirkpatrick at the Golden Shears in Masterton.

Shearing is such an athletic sport that involves dedicated training and nutrition.

The man behind Rowland Smith's world record in England, Matt Luxton, joined Rural Exchange to discuss what sort of training is involved.

Mr Luxton says Rowland Smith is "looking good" as he prepares for the Golden Shears.

He's had some good preparation... so yeah, he's looking good.

He says Mr Smith follows a diet "a bit different" from other athletes.

"We emphasise the fact that things need to be clean and natural, we try to stay away from processed food, and plenty of green veggies and salads to help with recovery from what is a very stressful job," Mr Luxton said.

"We're not looking to restrict calories or anything like that."

Watch the full interview with Matt Luxton above. 

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