How one farmer saves an hour a day by milking ‘smarter’

Rural Exchange 10/02/2018

One small change in a dairy shed can help streamline the milking process for dairy farmers.

For one Canterbury dairy farmer, several changes saved his operation an hour a day, without compromising on quality.

Hamish Johnson joined Rural Exchange to discuss the valuable changes he made to make his milking operation ‘smarter’.

After attending a DairyNZ Milksmart workshop years ago, Mr Johnson was provided with a few ideas on how to make his operation more efficient.

He first set to reduce the farm’s minimum flow settings from 0.2 to 0.4 litres a minute, which significantly shaved time off the milking process.

“The production level didn’t change - the quality didn’t change,” he said. “All that changed was the milking time.”

He also changed their milking liners and upskilled staff cupping techniques.  All up, it’s saved 40 minutes on morning milking and 20 on afternoon milking.

Milking smarter can help farmers finish earlier, put less pressure on the animals, and help with staff fatigue.

Watch the full interview with Hamish Johnson above. 

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