Dry conditions 'tough' on South Otago sheep farmers

Rural Exchange 04/02/2018

Hamish Bielski spent seven years at the helm of the sheep genetics at Mt Linton before moving to an equity partnership in South Otago.

Hamish Bielski joined Rural Exchange to talk the Southern Dry, his opinion on pasture management and sheep genetics, and room for improvement in New Zealand.

Mr Bielski attended the Balclutha Ewe Fair and says there's a lot of "relief" in Otago after recent rainfall.

"Some say it sort of saved the sale.

"A good sellout really, so it was positive in respect of how things have been going down here."

He says South Otago is currently experiencing dry and hot weather conditions.

"Feels a bit like Canterbury at the moment."

He told Rural Exchange that conditions of the farm, especially stock feed, has dropped.

"Feed has really disappeared fast. It's genuinely browned off and growing nothing."

It's been a very tough last six weeks.

Listen to the full interview with Hamish Bielski above.

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