No more umbrella-waving tour guides - Europe travel has 'revolutionised'

Rural Exchange 11/02/2018

Europe has so much to offer and the experiences are so vastly different depending on where you go and what you want to do, so it’s important to get it right. 

Carol Sutton from House of Travel joined Rural Exchange to discuss traveling around Europe.

"Whenever you're making an investment of that size you really need to give due consideration as to whether you doing it independently or guided.

New Zealanders are a real 'do-it-yourselvers' - we're used to packing up the combi van and off we go.

But Carol Sutton told Rural Exchange guided holidays have "completely changed."

Once characterised by oversized groups on breakneck itineraries led by umbrella-waving guides, today's guided tours are virtually unrecognisable from those in the past.

"There are tours for all generations, all walks of life. Short tours, regional tours, discovery tours," she said.

She says whether you want to travel in a small group, focus on a particular passion, or take things at a slow pace, there is a trip for you.

Watch the full interview with Carol Sutton above. 

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