Re-grassing 101: Boost farm production from the ground up

Rural Exchange 10/02/2018

Though still officially summer, many farmers are turning their attention to autumn pasture prep.

Farm Source Technical Sales Rep Bryn Sanson joined Rural Exchange to share some tips for efficient re-grassing.

For the un-initiated, re-grassing is when a farmer replaces old pastures to give the fresh ones a boost.

While re-grassing can be costly, Mr Sanson stressed just how important it is to identify when and how to renew your pastures.

“It’s essentially not as economical if your cows aren’t getting fully fed from your grass,” he told RadioLIVE.

He gave the team some tips for re-grassing preparation and talked through the key differences in the different methods available.

Watch the full interview with Bryn Sanson above. 

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