Slow release capsules offer long-term parasite protection

Rural Exchange 03/02/2018

New Zealand farmers often face decreased production with their R1 cattle through the autumn period due to higher levels of parasite larvae on pasture.

Enter Alpheus Anti-Parasitic Capsules – an animal health product by Sirona Animal Heath. With a single dose, cattle are clear from gut damage for four months.

Claire Nicholson from Sirona Animal Health joins Rural Exchange to discuss the capsules and some of the challenges farmers face with cattle growth.

Ms Nicholson explains that R1 cattle get “absolutely hammered” by the larvae that get built up throughout the summer.

The animals are ingesting huge numbers of larvae.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that commercial farmers might not even need to treat their stock for the rest of the year after a dose, Ms Nicholson explains.

Trials have shown that the Alpheus Anti-Parasitic Capsules contribute an average of 14 extra kilos in dairy heifers, Ms Nicholson explains.  

The capsules were developed by a Kiwi vet and made specifically for New Zealand conditions. 

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