Friday night cocktail: Ardbeg Grooves Smoke & Sour

Long Lunch 01/06/2018
Photo: MermaidMary

Friday night cocktail by MermaidMary:

The MermaidMary Cocktail this week is made with Ardbeg Scotch as June 2nd is Ardbeg day and heralds the release of another Ardbeg Day limited release Scotch.
This year's release is called Ardbeg "Grooves"

Ardbeg Grooves Smoke & Sour Cocktial
45ml Ardbeg Grooves
5ml Palo Cortado Sherry
10ml Lime Juice
1 Dash Orange Bitters
10ml Green Chartreuse
10ml Lemon Juice
10ml Vanilla Syrup
1 Egg White

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and add all the ingredients & shake it.
Strain over an ice-filled rocks glass.
Garnish with a lemon zest and lime.

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MermaidMary is a wine writer & enthusiast who contributes every Friday on The Long Lunch. Never one to be described as an Oenophile her true passion is to spread the word of great wines, while making wine accessible & never using alienating wine speak that confuses people - like Oenophile! 

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