MermaidMary's cocktail of the week: The Classic Margarita

Long Lunch 04/05/2018
Photo: MermaidMary

Cocktail of the week by MermaidMary:

This Saturday is Cinco De Mayo and nothing says Cino like Tequila!

Margarita is the quintessential tequila cocktail created in Mexico in 1941 for a Mexican waitress called Margarita Henkel.

The team at Jose Cuervo have provided this recipe for a classic margerita because frankly you should be able to do the basics well & I have had some really terrible cocktails in my time.


The Classic Margarita:

60mls Jose Cuervo Especial Silver
20mls Fresh Lime Juice
15 mls Triple Sec
Lime to garnish
Salt for the rim

All the ingredients into a shaker and fill with ice

Shake Well

Run the lime wedge around the rim of the glass, dip in the salt & shake off the excess

Add ice to a short glass, strain the contents of the shaker over the glass with the lime & serve!

If you're keen to learn just how to make a great margarita then head along to Mexico Restaurants around the country where Margarita Masterclasses are being held this Saturday 5th of May (AKA Cinco De Mayo)


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