MermaidMary's cocktail of the week: The Champagne Cosmo

Long Lunch 18/05/2018
Photo: MermaidMary

MermaidMary's cocktail of the week for the royal wedding by MermaidMary:

Prince Harry's favourite spirit is vodka and he is said to be a particular fan of luxury brand Ciroc, regularly mixing it with Red Bull! 

But we can definitely do better than that with a Champagne Cosmo.

This is an  American cocktail made with Harry’s favourite vodka, Ciroc. Some bubbles (a royal fam fave) mixed in for celebration and a cheeky orange nod to the fun loving Prince who is soon to be a bachelor no more!

The Champagne Cosmo:
20ml Ciroc Vodka
10ml Grand Marnier
10ml Fresh Lime Juice
15ml Cranberry Juice
Top with Bubbles
Orange Peel to garnish

Measure and build straight into a chilled Champagne Flute. Top with bubbles. Stir, garnish and serve.

If you are having a royal wedding party then the Cosmo part of the recipe can be batched in advance and stored chilled. When it comes time to serve, measure 55mls of the Cosmo mixture and top with bubbles.

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