Mate With a Plate: Juan Balsani's eye fillet tartare

Long Lunch 21/05/2018
Photo: Juan Balsani

Eye fillet tartare by Juan Balsani, head chef at Augustus Bistro.

For making this classic French dish you have to use the highest quality products you can find, particularly the quality and how fresh the beef you buy matters more than ever. If you've got a local butcher or specialty meat shop, this is the time to pay a visit. I choose Eye fillet for tartare, because is home to the most tender meat on the animal and the more tender the meat, the less chance you'll encounter chewy bites of gristle also the intermuscular fat on the fillet is minimum and very well distributed.

Eye fillet 100 gr
Capers 20g
Cornichons 20g
Finely chopped parsley 10g
Shallot 20g
Dijon mustard 10g
Egg yolk 1ea
Worcestershire sauce to taste
Tabasco sauce to taste
Olive oil to taste
Salt to taste

Dice the eye fillet in 3x3mm dice using a very sharp knife.
Dice cornichons and shallot slightly smaller than the beef (1 or 2 mm dice).
Finely chop the parsley.

To serve:
Place diced beef in a mixing bowl. Dress it with olive oil and salt.
Arrange the diced beef in the middle of the plate with the help of a ring and press it with a spoon to compress a little. Place the egg yolk on top and the rest of the ingredients in little piles around the beef. Serve with croutons and enjoy!

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