Mate With a Plate: Duck on toast by Gareth Stewart

Long Lunch 07/05/2018
Photo: Gareth Stewart

Duck on toast, duck liver parfait, duck rillette & cherries by Gareth Stewart.

Serves 8

1 loaf of brioche
1 jar of morello cherries
Nasturtium as garnish (optional)

Duck liver parfait:
300g Duck liver
2tblsp brandy
300g Butter
120g Double cream
2 Egg yolks
1tsp pink salt
Clean livers of any sinew and marinade livers for 2-3 hours in the cognac.
Place the livers in ziplock bag and submerge in water.  with the butter and cook to 70 degrees for 30 minutes.
If you have a sous vide machine at home you can of course use that, but it’s easy to get the same results by using sealable plastic bags (make sure you choose good-quality BPA-free ones) in a water bath in your oven at a low temperature. You’ll just need a kitchen thermometer, to make sure the temperature of the water bath is right.

Cook the liver for 35 minutes at 75 degrees, When the livers are cooked strain in a colander keeping the melted butter. Bring the cream to a simmer and allow to cool slightly.  

Place the livers in a blender with the egg yolks and cream and blend. Whilst the blender is still going slowly pour in the reserved butter.

Allow to cool and set in a container in the fridges. To serve, place into a piping bag and pipe onto the brioche.

Confit duck leg rillette:
4x Duck legs
1 litre Duck fat
3tbls Rock salt
1tblsp Juniper berries
1 large Sprig of thyme
3tblsp Chopped parsley
1 Orange zested.

Marinade the duck legs in garlic, rock salt, bay leaf, juniper berries, thyme and pepper corns.
Marinade the legs for 4 hours.
Confit the legs in duck fat for 3-4 hours at 130 degrees in a deep gastro so that the meat clearly comes away from the bone. Save the fat to use another time either for your Sunday roast potatoes
Whilst the legs are still warm pull the leg meat apart and discard any skin, cartilage and bone.

Pour off the fat until you can see some of the stock at the bottom of the pot. Add the stock to the pulled leg meat along with some of the duck fat top make the rillette.
Season the rillette with salt and pepper and add the orange and chopped parsley.
Allow to cool before quenelling onto freshly toasted brioche.

The rillette will keep for up to a week in the fridge.

Listen to the full interview with Gareth Stewart above.

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