Mate With a Plate: Freddie Ponder's snapper ceviche

Long Lunch 19/03/2018
Photo: Freddie Ponder

Freddie Ponder from Salt Restaurant in New Plymouth is Wendyl Nissen's Mate With a Plate today and here is his recipe for snapper ceviche with pickled cucumber, fresh kiwi fruit, micro greens & wasabi snow:

Serves 4

200g fresh snapper- boned & filleted
2 limes- juiced
1 cucumber - peeled & sliced
200ml white vinegar
130g white sugar
1 star anise
1 kiwi fruit- peeled & sliced
50g micro greens
200g natural yogurt
15g wasabi paste


Slice the snapper into 3 mm slices then place in a small bowl then when ready to serve add & mix lime juice and seasoning to taste.

Pickled cucumber:
In a small pot add the vinegar/sugar & star anise then place on the heat and bring to the boil. When boiled cool to room temperature and add sliced cucumber. Have the cucumber sitting in the pickle for at least 12 hours for maximum flavour.

Wasabi snow:
With a small bowl mix natural yogurt/wasabi paste & seasoning and place in the freezer. Freeze for at least 24 hours till rock solid then grate to serve.

For serving:
Serve on a plate & be creative! Place ceviche first then pickled cucumber on top, then sliced kiwi fruit add your fresh micro greens and finish with wasabi snow all over.


Freddie Ponder is a 30-year-old chef at Salt Restaurant and has been named one of five Ambassador Chefs in the 2018 Beef + Lamb New Zealand awards.

Originally from London, Ponder has had years of experience in kitchens in England, France and Auckland.

He moved to Taranaki more than three years ago to take on the head chef role at the New Plymouth restaurant, working alongside sous chef and twin brother Richard.

He says the beef and lamb in the Naki is the “best in the country”

Listen to the full interview with Freddie Ponder above.

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