What RadioLIVE hosts really think of the Royal Wedding

Special 17/05/2018

Media around the world is gearing up for the biggest wedding of the year. It’s the wedding that combines history, rumours, fashion, entertainment, and politics, so what’s not to love?

Well, not all broadcasters are so keen on Harry and Meghan’s upcoming nuptials.

We bring you the unfiltered opinions, both the good and the bad, of what RadioLIVE’s hosts really think of the Royal Wedding. 

The Good 

Carly Flynn, Weekend Life: What is there not to love about a royal wedding? I mean, seriously. What’s not to love about a prince that brings authenticity and cheekiness to the young royal family? And an American TV actress Meghan Markle, from Suits! I love the freshness that they’re going to bring to the royal family. I’m so looking forward to seeing what she’s going to wear and what sort of controversy there might be – I just really can’t wait.

Ryan Bridge, Drive: I’m so excited about the Royal Wedding. Great for the British empire, great for the colonies, great for New Zealand. It’s a celebrity wedding we are connected to with our history.

Great for the British empire, great for the colonies.

Trudi Nelson, Weekend Life: I think it’s quite lovely. I’ve always been a bit of a royal fan – a bit of a monarchist. I know that’s not a popular opinion because some people think we should be a republic. But I think there’s something nice about celebrating love and even royal babies when the craziness of the world spins around. Good luck to Harry and Meghan.

"There's something nice about celebrating love."

James Coleman, First@Five: I'm especially keen to see Prince Phillip, who I find fascinating and hilarious, and hope the networks give him plenty of airtime. My 10-year-old daughter will be very keen to see the ceremony and share in the joy of watching a beautiful princess on her big day.

And I quite like Harry. I think many of us would love to be Harry. Flying helicopters, partying and enjoying oneself with minimal risk that there will ever be without any major regal responsibility. What a life. I wouldn't rush into fatherhood if I were Harry. Plenty of time for that later. I do have doubts about his bride however. She is an actress, and in my experience, this is cause for concern.

Plates, coins, cake tins. They're going to become quite valuable items as this intriguing relationship plays out. 

If I had money to invest - I would be snapping up the official wedding merchandise.

Tony Amos, The Overnighter: Weddings are great celebrations and are usually the result of girl meets boy, boy meets girl. Then a little chemistry can arouse a bit of lust and consummation. Sometimes love follows which now and again can lead to a proposal and matrimony. This coming weekend one of those scenarios hits the royal stage. Harry and his girl will do what millions of other couples will do this year, but with a twist. They will do it in front of family, friends and the whole world watching too.

That's okay, they're used to being watched, it is what they do. I wish them happiness, joy and success with their marriage and lives.

Wendyl Nissen, The Long Lunch: I think royal weddings are always something that people enjoy because they’re an escape. Everyone loves an escape. Everyone loves a wedding but this is like a fantasy – a fairy tale. We love fairy tales and we love princes, big dresses and big cakes.

I don’t think it’s particularly real for most people, it’s actually a fantasy.

"Not sure to be honest about Meghan Markle."

Amanda Gillies, The AM Show: I’m looking forward to the wedding. I love Prince Harry – love, love, love him. Not sure to be honest about Meghan Markle. I’m not sure whether she’s the acting princess or the real princess. I think time will tell on that one. But I’m very excited. I think it will be a beautiful day – she will be a beautiful bride and he’ll be a very handsome prince. And I’m also excited about the dress because I think it will be divine. I think she’s wise not to have a bridesmaid after what happened with Pippa – who stole the show at the last wedding. But I think it will be amazing.

She's wise not to have a bridesmaid after what happened with Pippa.

Aziz Al-Sa'afin, The AM Show: Being able to be a part of something that’s so grand and so gorgeous, even for little old New Zealand, is actually quite cool. I think we just need to stop taking ourselves a bit too seriously – stop complaining how much coverage this gets. Because at the end of the day, it’s actually pretty cool that two people of such calibre are getting married. I want to be a part of the hype. I think it’s going to be part of history, so why not be a part of history and enjoy that piece of history while it’s actually happening? I can still hear my mum and brothers talking about Princess Diana and her wedding. So perhaps in 20 years’ time, this will be something I’ll be talking about.

The In-Between

Andrew Gourdie, Sunday Sport: I wouldn’t say I’m a royalist by any means, but I’ll probably watch. But I’m not getting swept in all the “pre-match hype”, so to speak. With Meghan’s dad and whether he is or isn’t going to turn up to the wedding or what he’s been involved in beforehand. But, look, I like Prince Harry. He’s a bit of a dude. Meghan seems cool. My wife and my mother-in-law will probably watch, which pretty much means that I’ll watch. At the end of the day though, it’s not like William and Kate. It’s not like this guy is probably going to be King, so I’ll just watch because it’s just a cool wedding.

I like Prince Harry. He's a bit of a dude.

Lisa Owen, Drive: It’s a celebrity wedding. I care so much as a celebrity wedding. Different view to Ryan [Bridge], who thinks we’re deeply connected to this Commonwealth. But can’t wait to see what she’s going to wear – the dress.

"I care so much as a celebrity wedding," says Lisa Owen.

Vaughn Davis, Sunday Social: For me the royal wedding isn’t so much the beginning of a marriage as it is the end of a reason to watch Suits.

Sarah Perriam, Rural Exchange: Because it’s second time round for Prince Charles, he’s going to let loose a bit more at the after-party. He’ll maybe have a few too many scotches and try and dirty dance with Meghan.

Charles is going to let loose a bit more at the after-party.

Brendan Telfer, Saturday Sport: I’m not a republican or a monarchist. I wish them well but I’m blindly indifferent to the whole business of royal weddings. They just don’t rattle my boat one way or another. But, Harry and Meghan seem like a very nice couple so I can only wish them the very best.

Tony Murrell, Home & Garden: I've got a bit of a mixed feeling about the up and coming wedding. I don't know if I would feel that comfortable about being so very public. There are so many opinions around will it last, won't it? He's marrying an actress; will that be an enduring relationship? Who really cares? I think the lovely thing for Harry is that he's actually found love and somebody that wants to be with him and support him, in a role that he never really got a choice in. He's a public figure, and so my theory is we'll just support him. I'll be watching it.

The Cynics

Duncan Garner, The AM Show: I’m not that interested in it. Yes it’s exciting if you’re into that sort of thing. To be honest, a week ago I was sort of mildly interested. I’ve lost all interest – I’m bored s***less. I’m bored by it! He’s not even going to be the King and she won’t be the Queen. I think she’s acting. I don’t think she’s actually that into this. I think this is the best performance of her life.

"I'm disappointed," said Mark Richardson.

I can't live vicariously through [Harry] any longer.

Mark Richardson, The AM Show: I’m disappointed. Harry is the raving mad king charging across the countryside having fun. But he’s not going to be able to do that any longer because he’s getting married. I can’t live vicariously through him any longer. Also, couldn’t we have made a princess out of a commoner? We’ve had so many sort of the aristocracy getting married. Did we have to have a fancy lady who was an actress? Wasn’t Harry’s destiny to have a common girl from the fields who all of a sudden makes a princess out of her? It’s just all so disappointing.

Mitch Harris, Night Talk: To me, watching a Royal Wedding is like watching paint dry.

"It's just a lot of nonsense."

Mark Sainsbury, Morning Talk: I am a republican. I think of this as some family, by accident of birth lording it all over everyone. It’s just a lot of nonsense. But it doesn’t people can’t enjoy it. People love all the pageantry of it. But if you love it, hey it’s fine. We can’t all think the same way.

Graeme Hill, Weekend Variety WirelessI did a little genetic research and I am, in fact, your king. Greetings, my loyal subjects. The last rightful King of England was someone called Edgar the Atheling. It’s highly likely that I’m a descendant of this Edgar the Atheling. These people [the royal family] are imposters! But, I wish the young couple all the very best.

Richard Loe, Rural Exchange: There’s better things to talk about aren’t there? Don’t care.