RadioLIVE releases two new podcasts

Update 11/05/2018

RadioLIVE is pleased to announce the release of two new weekly podcasts.

The Control Room heads behind the scenes of RadioLIVE. It’s a look at what happens on-air and off-air at a news/talk radio station, from the people (you've never heard of) that make it happen. 

The Control Room features those who work to put RadioLIVE on-air, helping with everything from sound production to digital content.  The roster includes Asher Bastion, Brin Rudkin, Claudia Sykes, Anand Hira and Cari Johnson. And yes, there will be dirt.

InFocus, hosted by Brin Rudkin, breaks down the week's biggest news stories. Whether you’ve missed this week’s headlines or simply want to be in the know at the dinner table, InFocus will keep you in check with what's happening around the globe. 

Brin Rudkin is a newsreader and digital content editor for RadioLIVE.

The new podcasts can be downloaded on most podcast apps, including iTunes (Control Room and InFocus, respectively) and BeyondPod.

The Control Room and InFocus join RadioLIVE’s three other podcast offerings. RadioLIVE regularly produces Sunday Social with Vaughn Davis, Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill, and Rural Exchange