Voices of Hope

Weekend 01/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

It's Easter Sunday and the Christian Broadcast Association is talking about hope, and the importance of one's purpose.

Tim Sisarich speaks with Voices of Hope creator Genevieve Mora, which provides hope for those struggling with mental health issues by promoting mental well-being, empowerment and recovery.

Ms Mora struggled with mental illness in her teen years:

I needed to do something with my past to help others feel less alone.

She says life is amazing and she wants to show people that they can get through their tough times.

It can be as simple as getting out of bed, but Ms Mora says when you accomplish something it gives you a sense of purpose.

She says positive speaking is huge and to put out there what you need and you will receive it back.

Listen to the full audio with Genevieve Mora above.

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