Hellers Butchery's winter range

Morning Talk 02/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

Hellers Butchery winter range launched this week in stores, with an exclusive range of sausages and soups.

Annabelle White is joined by Brydon Heller, Brand Manager for Hellers to discuss the butcher and the Christchurch food show.

Hellers has just won second place for the Best Butcher in the World.

Mr Heller visited 10 butcher shops over in Ireland, to see what they're doing over there and to get some inspiration.

The winter range of sausages which launched this week in store includes flavours such as Angus Beef and Mushroom.

Annabelle suggests having conversations with your local butcher, she loves it and it means you can always request your favourite.

Hellers will be at the Christchurch food show this weekend, the 6th-8th April, with their winter range and some meaty soups. 

Listen to the full interview with Brydon Heller above.

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