Exercise and fitness explosion hitting NZ

Breakfast 02/04/2018
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Yoga, 24/7 gyms, boutique studios, boot camps, mobile trainers - New Zealand is on the verge of an explosion in the number of people taking part in different forms of exercise.

Richard Beddie, Exercise NZ chief executive, joined Tony Murrell on Easter Breakfast just back from San Diego where he’s been representing New Zealand at the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association conference where more than 12,000 people representing 70 countries gathered.

Mr Beddie says that for people under the age of 25 the idea of a gym membership doesn’t appeal, and in general people don’t like the idea of committing to anything.

Some groups of friends are getting together to split a membership, where other people have memberships for many different places.

“They’ll go to a gym for their normal kind of workout, they might go to a yoga studio down the road, and they might also do some boot camps.”

This idea of saying ‘I only commit to one’ or ‘I only use one’ is really going by the wayside.

Up until recently the exercise industry was serving the same group of people, wanting to be active or wanting a body transformation (weight loss, muscle growth).

What’s changed now is that it’s attracting every type of person, including people over 60 years old, people with health conditions, and people that just need to move.

“The great thing about that now is that there are so many different choices.”

Listen to the full interview with Richard Beddie above.

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