The Baker

Morning Talk 30/03/2018
Image: Annabelle White.

It's Easter Friday! So where can you go in New Zealand for a free coffee and hot cross bun?

Shane Kearns, owner of The Baker in Tirau, joined Annabelle White to talk about the newest location for their much-loved bakery.

Mr Kearns says all day today are hot cross buns for Easter Friday, and as a special treat for our listeners if you pop down TODAY only and tell them you're from RadioLIVE, you'll get a free coffee plus a free hot cross bun!

Annabelle can't help but ask him how his pain au chocolates are so delicious, to which he responds they use Whittaker's chocolate.

Mr Kearns won a Supreme award in 2011 and 2012 for their dessert pies, and says the trick is:

You have to make your own pastry.

Listen to the full interview with Shane Kearns above.

Annabelle's food tips: 
If you're in Venice you must visit Cafe All Arco for bar snacks.
If you're in Itay you must visit Caffe Del Doge in Rialto  - Gorgeous coffee & bathrooms.

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