Easter around the world

Breakfast 30/03/2018
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Here in New Zealand, for some Easter is a time for chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, for others it's all about family and celebrating the resurrection of Christ. But what is Easter like around the world?

Tony Murrell invited people from vastly different parts of the world, now living in New Zealand, to talk about what they do, and what they eat, for Easter.


Alexander Babukhin from Russia has been living in New Zealand for 11 years.

In Russia, Easter is the biggest religious celebration of the year. In the lead up there is a 40-day fasting period, which means no diary, no meat, and no eggs.

After the fast there’s a tradition of knocking on neighbours doors to exchange traditional Easter foods like Easter bread, cottage cheese cake, eggs and bacon.


Neove Economous is a first generation New Zealand-Greek living in Wellington.

For the Greeks Easter is the biggest holiday of the year. It has a huge religious significance but is also a time for families to come together. They intertwine the religious, family, and food aspects of the season seamlessly, which might be why a lot of Greek families are so closely knit!


Paola Rojas is from Colombia and says that for a Latin American Easter, there are no hot cross buns or Easter bread, instead there are some restrictions on what they’re allowed.

Red meat is a no go; they instead replace it with any type of fish and seafood.

Like the Russian community, some Latin American people choose to fast during the season. It’s up to the individual whether they fast or not, but it is common in the community.

No matter how you observe Easter, have a safe and happy weekend!

Listen to the interviews with Alexander Babukhin, Neove Economous, and Paola Rojas above.

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