Work Life: In case you missed it

Weekend 26/02/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at Work Life with Max Whitehead.

On the show:

Mental health problems in the workplace.

  • Aged employee becoming forgetful.       
  • Drug induced behaviours.
  • Psychotic events.
  • Workplace Stress and fatigue.

Farmers holiday pay wrongly calculated without the board & lodging component.

New Bill going through parliament will empower Unions: Why empower Unions why not workers?

  • Allow union officials will be able to trespass onto employers property (Small employers homes)
  • Force employers to pay union delegates wages as they do union business during work hours.
  • Force employers into Union Collective Agreements
  • Force all new employee onto union terms for first 30 days
  • Force Employer to provide new employees with Union promotional material.

Easter Sunday becoming a public holiday.

An employer concern that small businesses will shut down if pushed too hard by new laws.

Many texts complaining about the Minister doing a “No Show”.

Boss going into liquidation no $ wages. A profession debt collector give us advice. Where do wages rank when pay debtors.

Boss with 8 staff called in to say he had the best staff anybody would want.