The royal rebel is finally tying the knot

Opinion 10/05/2018

By Wendyl Nissen, host of The Lunch Lunch.

OPINION: When you follow the royals as closely as I do, Prince Harry is always a welcome bit of light relief.

While his brother Prince William got on with the job of being second-in-line to the throne with all the grim determination of a peasant heaving potatoes out of a frozen field, Harry went off to party.

His sense of humour, ability to hold wild gatherings in Las Vegas and basically not bend the knee to the strict conventions of his family has always been a welcome diversion from the stuffier members of his family (which is all of them).

Prince Harry joking with a toddler.

Prince Harry is the one always whispering something funny in someone’s ear and getting a chuckle, reminding us that at least one of them is real.

So when he chose Meghan Markle to be his wife, there were even more signs that he was doing things his own way.

A divorced American TV star with a shocking family behind her was just what he needed. Meghan, unlike William’s wife Kate, has defined her own sense of style instead of constantly paying homage to her dead mother-in-law to be, Diana Spencer, as Kate does on a daily basis.

I like to think that had Harry’s mother Diana lived she would have loved the whole thing.

Prince Harry and the late Princess Diana. Photo credit: Getty

While her legacy for both her sons was a memory of a fun mum who did a lot of charity work, she was also a bit keen on thumbing her nose at convention.

So far the wedding planning seems pretty standard for a royal event but I’m picking a few surprises from our royal rebel.

Rumours abound that the Spice Girls will reunite just for the wedding – could they be making an appearance at St George’s Chapel? Have Harry and Meghan already secretly tied the knot with an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas and celebrated with champagne and pizza? Will Harry scoop up his niece and nephew Charlotte and George for a cuddle and how many times will he make Meghan laugh?

I won’t be missing a second of the coverage.

Wendyl Nissen is host of The Long Lunch. She comes from a magazine background, as the former editor of Woman's Day, NZ Woman's Weekly and the Australian Women's Weekly (NZ).