Kim Blair: Does a ban on beggars ever work?

Night Talk 13/06/2018
Image: Getty.

Night talk - Kim Blair opening comments, Wednesday 13th June 2018.

Tonight: Tauranga City Council has voted to ban beggars and rough sleepers within 5 metres of shop fronts - but will the ban work? How will it be enforced?

The secondary topic tonight: Judith Collins was on Drive with Ryan Bridge and Lisa Owen this afternoon taking aim at Housing New Zealand's idea of moving good tenants away from the bad ones in state houses. Is this a good idea? How is this solving the problem of bad tenants?

Also, in an interview with Howard Stern yesterday, actor Alec Baldwin was talking about US President Donald Trump, and he said "if I ran against Trump in 2020, I would win, I would absolutely 1000% win".

Do you agree that he'd defeat Trump? Has the US Presidency become a farce?

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