Latest in business - Warren Buffett and the 'Woodstock of Capitalism'

Night Talk 08/05/2018
Image: Getty.

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by Elevation Capital founder and CEO Christopher Swasbrook to talk on the latest in business.

On the table tonight:
- Chris has just spent four days in Omaha, Nebraska, to hear from Warren Buffett about his 2018 letter to shareholders.
- Buffett took aim at cryptocurrencies and how unstable they are. He talked up Apple, saying they are the 'future of technology'.
- Why won't Buffett buy shares in Microsoft?
- Buffett is now 87 years old - is retirement in his mind?
- Nestle is to sell Starbucks coffee products alongside Nespresso and Nescafe.
- Nescafe ranks #1 in terms of packaged coffee sold worldwide - Starbucks has sold their packaged coffee to Nestle for $7.5 billion US. What will Starbucks do with the money?
- The amount of lending continues to grow worldwide, but has risky lending dropped?
- Are banks doing us a favour by bringing in more restrictions around lending?

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