'The price of power in NZ has doubled since the year 2000' - Mitch Harris

Night Talk 23/05/2018
Image: Getty.

Night talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

Tonight: why is power now so expensive in New Zealand? Research released today by Credit Simple has found that 53% of Kiwi's don't use heaters regularly in Winter due to the cost.

In an area breakdown, 69% of those surveyed in Otago and 59% in Canterbury said they rationed heating to keep the power bill affordable.

Also tonight: why are more and more teens and younger people deciding not to move out of home? A man in New York is being taken to court by his parents because he refuses to move out of the house. He even declined their offer of $1100 US to help him with moving and living costs!

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