'The chances of war and increased petrol prices have increased dramatically'

Night Talk 16/05/2018
Image: Getty.

Night Talk host Mitch Harris talks with international politics expert and former Defence analyst in the Clinton administration Paul Buchanan on the latest happenings regarding the USA.

On the agenda tonight:
- We've been told to prepare for $3 a litre at the petrol pump in the near future - exactly how soon will the oil price soar?
- Does US President Donald Trump want to start a war with Iran?
- Do the US mid-term elections in November now take on more importance with the unrest in the Middle East?
- Are the Middle Eastern countries playing Trump like a fool?
- Is North Korea counting on Donald Trump being a man of his word? Does Kim Jong Un trust Trump?
- How will US sanctions on Iran work?
- What will Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern do regarding New Zealand's relationship with the United States? Will they show some backbone and stand up to President Trump?
- Why has the US isolated itself? Who will fight with them?
- Why are so many unarmed protesting Palestinians being shot dead?
- What country (or countries) could potentially benefit if Trump wants a war?

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