'Is farming more dangerous now than it used to be?' - Mitch Harris

Night Talk 09/05/2018
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Night talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Wednesday 9th May 2018.

Tonight: there's been two stories in the news today regarding the health of our farmers in New Zealand.

The first one is regarding fitness and mental health. All Black Sam Whitelock is heading a group that is trying to improve the fitness of farmers to lift depression levels.

The second one is regarding quad bikes on farms. Three years ago Landcorp removed all quad bikes from government-owned dairy farms, due to the amount of accidents on the 4-wheeled bikes. Now there will be public consultation to see if quad bikes should be banned on all farms in NZ.

We are asking tonight: are quad bikes are dangerous? Should they be banned outright? Also, would you call farming a dangerous occupation?

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