'I wish we were more serious about M. bovis earlier on': Mitch Harris

Night Talk 28/05/2018
Image: Getty.

Night talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Monday 28th May 2018.

Tonight: attempts to eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis in New Zealand is a world first - and dairy experts are skeptical over whether Mycoplasma bovis can actually be eradicated here.

Taking on Mycoplasma bovis is a challenge no Government in the world has successfully achieved, and there's no guarantee it will work.

Do you think today's announcement from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will lead to the eradication of Mycoplasma Bovis?

Also: On Newshub at 6 tonight, we saw an American food chain create the 'Impossible Burger', a vegetarian burger that looks exactly like a hamburger. The catch - the 'pattie' is made from vegetables and  even has a red liquid inside it that makes it look like blood when being cooked.

Is this burger a potential threat to the New Zealand eceonomy? We export so much meat, if millions of these burgers were sold, would we lose money by not exporting as much meat overseas?

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