'Are we raising a generation of monsters?' - Mitch Harris

Night Talk 10/05/2018
Image: Getty.

Night talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Thursday 10th May 2018.

Tonight: how can an adult discipline kids in 2018 without having accusations coming back on them? If kids know what they can get away with, what will they be like as adults?

This topic is on the back of a news story today regarding a substitute teacher in Upper Hutt being censured and fined $1300 for calling two students who were misbehaving in class 'dickheads'.

The students were kicking a soccer ball around during class at St. Brendans School in Heretaunga, and when relief teacher Kevin Grace failed to intercept the ball, he physically moved the students back to their desks before calling them 'dickheads'.

Do youngsters respect their elders in NZ?

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