Paul Buchanan on Trump's current discussions with Russia and North Korea

Night Talk 26/04/2018
Credit: Getty.

Paul Buchanan is a former policy analyst and intelligence consultant to US government security agencies, who specializes in matters of security. He worked for the White House under US President Bill Clinton.

Once every couple of weeks, Night Talk host Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan (currently Director at 36th Parallel Assessments) on the latest happenings surrounding President Donald Trump and the United States of America.

- What could happen if Trump doesn't 'play ball' with Russia? How is the US President's 'bromance' with Russian President Vladimir Putin developing?
- The proposed meeting between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim
Jong-Un. Could this result in the denuclearization of North Korea?
- Why is Trump so obsessed with Iran? Why is he forging such a strong relationship with the country?
- How have people seen Trump's deal with Saudi Arabia regarding Syria?
- Why are the Kushner family getting so involved in deals with Middle Eastern countries?
- The FBI raids on Trump's 'fixer' Michael Cohen (who is now calling himself Ray Donovan after the TV character). What are the raids about? Why is this such a big deal? How many criminal acts could Cohen be involved in?
- Where is Trump's biggest danger coming from now?

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