Trump, Clinton and the Auckland Blues - Mitch Harris

Night Talk 24/04/2018
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Donald Trump

The United States could be thrown into the much expected “constitutional crisis” any time. If Trump fires Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, they will be in previously chartered Nixon territory which led to Nixon’s downfall.

That is what I think one day. The next day I can imagine that Trump will survive Mueller and go on to win the 2020 election. It ebbs and flows dramatically.

Trump is winning on two important fronts. He has both North Korea and China on their back feet. He was voted in to shake up Washington, which he has certainly achieved.

What remains most worrying about Trump, in my mind, is his blasé attitude to white supremacists and Nazi's and affection for authoritarian world leaders. The so-called alt-right is now imploding right in the middle of it's “moment” in the US which gives us some solace.

I suspect that what Trump really fears is that he will be exposed for not being nearly as rich as he claims.

Hillary Clinton

Has there ever been a poorer loser in the history of losing, than Hillary Clinton?

I know Comey’s intervention and those Russian bots didn’t help, but surely Clinton was the wrong candidate at the wrong time.

She has never had wide personal appeal and was the most establishment-candidate when the mood of the American electorate last year may well have been summed up by Oliver Cromwell 500 years ago, “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

I can’t understand why anyone would want to spend $200 listening to her excuses for losing to Trump when she visits here in two weeks time?

Perhaps Obama just didn’t serve up enough platitudes on his recent, short, lucrative visit and there is an unfulfilled, masochistic desire for more.

The Auckland Blues

A team of champions that is unable to become a champion team.

The Blues remind me of Manchester United under “Big” Ron Atkinson. So where will the Blues version of Alex Ferguson come from?

The buck usually stops with the Head Coach - but have the coaches been the problem? Tana Umaga seems astute, and earlier Coach Pat Lam is now a high-flyer in Europe.  

Perhaps the buck should stop with the Directors. The Blues are 40% owned by wealthy businessman Murray Bolton. Bolton has a sharp business-mind and is a sports fanatic, but he does have a chequered career.  He led the disastrous management buyout of Levene's. Has Bolton “Levened” the Blues?

In these top level competitions, it is apparent that there are microscopic differences between winning and losing.

The Warriors have challenged their supporters devotion over the past eight years - yet suddenly - they look like championship contenders.

Maybe the same thing can happen at the Blues.

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