Latest in business - how much price fixing goes on in NZ?

Night Talk 01/05/2018
Credit: Reuters.

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by Christopher Swasbrook, CEO and founder of Elevation Capital, to talk on the latest in business.

On the agenda:
- Mitch and Chris start tonight's chat by looking at the BP email price fixing story, where the price of fuel in Otaki was raised to match the price of fuel at BP in Paraparaumu, Kapiti and Levin.
- How much price fixing goes on in New Zealand, and in what industries does it occur the most?
- What has gone so wrong with Fletchers? What should they do next?
- How is the quality of wood used by Fletchers? Do they use cheaper timber to save money?
- Mitch and Chris talk on a new series done by the Wall Street Journal (titled Demographic 2050 Destiny) that looks at changing demographics around the world (especially in China), and what the global economy in 2050 could look like. 

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