Latest in business - will people switch off Facebook?

Night Talk 27/03/2018

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by Elevation Capital CEO and founder Christopher Swasbrook to talk on the latest in business.

On the agenda tonight:
- Facebook continues to struggle after the Cambridge Analytica story. What has gone so wrong for the social media platform? Facebook's value has dropped by $75 billion since the Cambridge Analytica story broke.
- What will Mark Zuckerberg do next? Can he fix the damage that has been done?
- The world happiness report has again ranked Finland the 'happiest place on Earth', with New Zealand ranked 8th. Why are Finn's so happy? In what areas could New Zealand do better?
- How is the US economy doing after tax cuts and President Donald Trump's announcement regarding tariffs?
- Mitch and Chris discuss Julie Anne Genter's comments around 'old white men in boardrooms'. Do businesses in NZ have the best people available in their boardroom? Did she think her comment through before saying it? Is Ms Genter ageist?
- Why don't New Zealanders value their elders like other countries do? Why are the skills of older workers dismissed simply because of their age?
- Russia and their weapons - are we on the verge of another Cold War?
- Can New Zealand be energy efficient by 2050?

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