Business - Air NZ, the Royal Commission investigating Australian banks

Night Talk 20/03/2018

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris talks with Elevation Capital founder & CEO Chris Swasbrook on the latest business news.

On the table tonight:
- Air New Zealand drops another flight from Auckland to the regions. Should the government step in, considering they hold a 51% share majority?
- Social responsibility - will cutting another regional flight see loyal Air New Zealand passengers swap to another airline?
- If Sir John Key wasn't busy getting ready for Barack Obama's visit, would he have advised against cutting the Auckland-Kapiti flights?
- Who do mortgage brokers represent - the business or the individuals?
- The Australian Financial Review is reporting on ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank giving the green light to hundreds of thousands of people for overdrafts, despite not making inquiries about those customers finances.
- Saving in a retirement scheme like Kiwisaver - exactly when does that money get taxed?
- China has been buying up assets in America - are they looking to take America's place as the world's biggest economy?
- Expat Kiwi Chris Liddell holding a high position in the Trump administration - why has there been hardly any talk of this in the New Zealand media?

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