'We can't sort ourselves out when it comes to water' - Mitch Harris

Night Talk 14/03/2018
Picture thanks to Newshub

Night talk - Mitch Harris opening comments for Wednesday, 14th March 2018.

Tonight: there is outrage after Chinese company Cloud Ocean Water drilled a 170m bore hole on a Christchurch site so it can bottle water for export.

LINK: Chinese company drills water bore in Christchurch despite council warning

The hole has been drilled despite a warning from the Christchurch City Council that it could interfere with the public water supply.

Officials have concerns the site may be contaminated, and that the new borehole may strike water used by Christchurch people.

The consent allows 1.6 billion litres of water a year. In China, the shelf price for 10 litres of NZ water is $27, which means potential earnings of $12 million a day - or
$4.3 billion a year.

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