China unhappy with New Zealand after Anne-Marie Brady comments

Night Talk 21/02/2018

On Wednesday nights in 2017, Night Talk host Mitch Harris talked with Paul Buchanan, director at 36th Parallel, while he was in the United States - now Paul is back in Auckland and has talked with Mitch for the first time in 2018.

On the agenda tonight: 
- Why is Anne-Marie Brady comparing New Zealand to 1960's Albania? Did she not think her comments would upset China?
- Was there any collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians regarding the 2016 US Election?
- US President Donald Trump is coming under increasing pressure to do something about gun violence and second amendment rights after the Parkland, Florida school shooting.
- Is there anything in the Uranium scandal, or is this a trojan horse from the Trump government?
- Will Trump's popularity rebound in November in the mid-term elections?

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