Pet Talk: Winter pet wellness

Morning Talk 11/06/2018

Do pets get the winter blues? Do our pets suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder like we do?

And on that note - what is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

A 2013 study 40% of dogs and 13% of cat owners felt their animals suffered from the ‘winter blues’.

Strand Vet Megan Alderson says there are a number of health conditions pet owners should worry about over winter.

Osteoarthritis is considered “the silent pain” and The Strand Vet has a new collaboration with specialists, rehab nurses and vet physiotherapists to combat this affliction.

Megan Alderson also asks the question “do you give flu jabs to your pet?”

The Ducat vaccine protects against Herpes and Calici virus (2 causes of cat flu) and similar to the human flu vaccine, limits the symptoms but does not always eliminate the infection completely.

The majority of cats are exposed to cat flu and a portion of these are carriers for life that can infect others while suffering recurring clinical signs. Cat flu sounds deceivingly mild as we can see more severe forms, such as pneumonia or eye ulcers.

Listen to the full interview with Megan Alderson above.

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