'Trump sees the world exclusively through his own eyes' - Patman

Morning Talk 11/06/2018

International relations expert Prof Robert Patman says this past weekend’s G7 conference in Canada was an insight into how US President Donald Trump sees the world.

“One thing is becoming very clear; is that Mr Trump sees the world exclusively through his own eyes. He doesn’t seem to be able to put himself into the shoes of others, which is always a useful quality to have if you want to be a leader," Prof Patman said. 

Having left the G7 summit in Canada early, Mr Trump's announcement on Twitter that he was backing out of the joint communique torpedoed what appeared to be a fragile consensus on a trade dispute between Washington and its top allies.

Mr Trump also took aim at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and said he might double down on import tariffs by hitting the sensitive car industry, throwing the G7's efforts to show a united front into disarray.

Things got off to a bad start

Prof Patman told RadioLIVE’s Morning Talk that President Trump set the meeting up for tension before he even left the United States.

“What really ruffled feathers was when Mr Trump, even before he arrived at the meeting, he arrived late, he said that Mr Putin should be allowed, Russia should become part of the G7 group.”

Russia was expelled from the then G8 grouping in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea.

“Things got off to a bad start, Mr Trump championing Russia’s cause which didn’t go down with either Angela Merkel or Teresa May,” he told Mark Sainsbury.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Robert Patman above.

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