Should Friday drinks be a thing of the past?

Morning Talk 04/05/2018
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Employment law specialist Barbara Buckett says it’s time to end the traditional workplace Friday drinks.

She says work drinks play a large part in workplace misbehaviour, including instances of sexual impropriety as highlighted by the #MeToo social movement.

“Alcohol fuelled parties are causing concern, obviously.

“If you’re having a party and you’re the employer and it’s on your worksite then it’s work-related then you have a responsibility,” she told Mark Sainsbury.

Ms Buckett says that work parties can get out of control, often when the person with the most responsibility leaves the function.

It's got to the point that the Grinch is there.

“There are a lot of major employers that just don’t want to take that risk.

Ms Buckett pointed out that many workplaces these days will have functions sans booze, in order to protect themselves.

“A lot of workplaces will have functions minus the booze, it’s got to the point that the Grinch is there.”

She said it’s the employer’s responsibility to have a proper “culture and ethos” in place, so everyone understands where the boundaries. 

Listen the full interview with Barbara Buckett above.

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