Pet Talk: How safe is imported pet food?

Morning Talk 22/05/2018

Justine Alley from The Strand Vets joins Mark Sainsbury to discuss two areas where she finds pet owners are genuinely thinking that they are doing the best for their pet but are let down by manufacturers, pet food regulations and labelling laws.

Ms Alley and Mark Sainsbury talk about melamine - a fake protein which is has been linked to dried jerky dog treats from China.

This causes anything from mild to serious damage to the kidneys and has been linked to fatalities when added to pet foods back in 2008.

Also on discussion is sulphite – which is added to some pet meats to make it look fresher and extend the shelf life.

This has been banned in human meats but not in meats for pets.

Sulphite can cause asthma, gut and skin issues.

Worst of all there is no labelling law stating that it has to be declared in pet food. 

Listen to the full interview with Justine Alley above.

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