Real Housewives star Julia Sloane talks about sex

Morning Talk 30/05/2018

Real Housewives of Auckland star Julia Sloane takes us on an adventure through the world of Kiwi sexuality.

Her journey takes us inside a dungeon, onto a pole-dancing stage, behind the scenes at a sex-toy shop, and inside the very real world of virtual reality sex.

She joined RadioLIVE's Morning Talk host Mark Sainsbury to discuss her journey through sexual satisfaction.

Sloane says that if we talk about sex more, and are more positive about its role and our participation in it, life will be better — both in and beyond the bedroom.

Asked about what sort of people are in the documentary, Sloane says they talked to quite a few sex workers.

“They’re very sexually positive. And quite a few of them were more than happy to speak without their faces being covered.

They believe there needs to be a lot more acceptance.

"So they were very happy to talk to us,” she told RadioLIVE.

“And lifting the lid on all the stigmas, misunderstandings and the assumptions being made.”

Listen to the full interview with Julia Sloane above.

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