Top 10 rules when meeting the Queen

Morning Talk 17/04/2018

This week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern indicated that she is concerned about her level of skill with table manners before her upcoming visit to Buckingham Palace.

Mark Sainsbury is joined by Annabelle White to discuss the dos and don’ts of meeting the Queen.

Here are her top ten things you must do when dining with the Queen:

1 - Be punctual - being late is really frowned on
2 - Dress appropriately - conservative and smart - avoid bright colours
3 - Do not sit down till Queen sits and advises you to join her
4 - Do not start eating until she does and advises the table to begin
5 - Stop eating when she does and never finish before her
6 - Do not ask questions about food unless you have a medical issue
7 - Do not hold your knife like a pen
8 - Do not drink excessive amounts
9 - Make sure you talk to both sides. Left for the starter, to your right for the main
10 - Don’t ask for salt / pepper. Hot sauce if it’s not as “seasoned" as you would like ignore it and carry on and never ever complain!

And if course never speak to the Queen until she speaks to you!

For the full list of tips, listen to the full interview with Annabelle White above.

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