The etiquette of behaving in public

Morning Talk 03/04/2018

Sir Bob Jones is once again in the headlines after a run-in with a woman he describes as the “ugly blonde”.

According to media reports, Sir Bob was involved in a fracas in a bar last week after a woman seemingly took exception to him being there.

"A woman started screaming on and on. I asked them to tone it down. They didn't so I asked them again," he told Fairfax. "They did as women always do when they get too much drink in them."

This incident has etiquette expert Annabelle White wondering what are the standards of behaviour when we are out in public, and how much have standards changed over the years?

“He must have said something pretty awful to her for her to take a swipe at him," she told Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk.

White is also hot on dress standards, and the one prime offender is New Zealand First MP Shane Jones who insists on wearing hats to formal events.

"Why would you wear a large hat to a formal dinner? Is he saying 'look at me'?"

Listen to the full interview with Annabelle White above.

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