McVicar defends position on cop shooting death

Morning Talk 05/04/2018
Garth McVicar. Photo credit: Getty.

Sensible Sentencing head Garth McVicar is not backing down on his controversial stance over the weekend shooting by a police officer of a machete wielding man.

In a Facebook post on Saturday evening, Sensible Sentencing Trust founder Garth McVicar said the man's death meant there was "one less to clog the prisons".

"Congratulations to the New Zealand Police, our thoughts are with the officer who was forced to take this action to protect the public," he said.

While most of the comments on the post were supportive, there were a few who said Mr McVicar should be ashamed.

Speaking to Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk, Mr McVicar said that while he doesn’t back down he does have sympathy with the man’s family.

I stand by the rest of it absolutely.

“I sympathise with the family, that was probably a mistake that I didn’t make [it clear] in the comment that I made. Everybody knows I sympathise with victims and their families,” he told Mark Sainsbury on RadioLIVE.

Listen the full interview with Garth McVicar above.

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